Mark E. Buckley

Writing Email

So now you have an email account. Your email program is configured to receive and send emails. You know that there are options to make managing your email more efficient. There are basic steps you can take to reduce your risks when sending and receiving emails. There are also things you can do and avoid to reduce the amount of unsolicited email you receive.

If you wish to research these topics further there is a great deal of information on the internet. I would also suggest reading the manuals that come with your operating system, email program, and anti virus program. They will provide much more information than I could in a single article.

Now, you need to understand critical but non technical issues of writing emails.

An Email is essentially a letter. However, as a society our ability to write letters declined significantly during the 20th century. The telephone change how we communicate. Prior to the telephone a letter was the only way in which you could correspond with someone who did not live within walking distance of you. But once telephones became widely used, people no longer had to exercise the discipline of putting their thoughts on paper. They could simply pick up the phone to touch base with their distant relation.

In business this had a parallel effect. There were two or three generations of managers and professional that did a majority of their communication through telephone calls and business meetings. Speech making skills became the determinant factor in one's climb up the ladder of success. While letters were still written they were often just to confirm the points discussed in a meeting or over the phone.

Now we have numerous executives and managers who are incompetent in written communication. In some situations they have an executive assistant or assistant manager that can polish up their letters for them. If not then they will go to whatever means necessary to have a meeting or a conference call. This can even create suspicion in the lower ranks. You may hear " Why don't they ever put anything in writing." The answer unfortunately is that they can not.

While business and industry in general is lacking in competent writers, there have been areas where writing has still been a necessary skill. These areas within business include advertising, marketing, and direct mail. In certain professions such as law, academia, publishing, the ability to write is also critical.