Mark E. Buckley


If you have made it this far, you are an incredible person with the disciple of a Buddhist Monk and the intellectual curiosity of Benjamin Franklin. Congratulations.

In this article I have tried to address some of the technical basics of what email is, how to get email, and how to manage email. I have also address some of the quality practices of sending and receiving emails. Several security issues were discussed and advice was given on how to reduce spam and virus threats. Finally I tried to provide some timeless advice on writing emails with respect to structure, tone, voice, and clarity.

It is simply an amazing fact that so many people use email daily but have no understanding of the mechnics or dangers of its use.

You are now in a small minority that understands email at a deeper level. Of course there is more that you could learn, but at this point you know all that I can teach.

Have a Great Day! and...

Let's be careful out there.