Mark E. Buckley

Email Software

I highly recommend Microsoft Outlook .

I would skip the Business Contact Manager . It seems like a great add on for a small business. However, I get errors. I believe there is compatability issue with my security software.

The great thing about the product is that it is a package of several tools. It has a section for tasks, calendar, and contacts. You can print out a weekly calendar. We do this to know about our social obligations. Believe it or not, sometimes my wife tells me about something we have to do, but I forget. By printing out the calendar Sunday nights, she gives me no excuses.

I would recommend using the calendar for appointments with a specific time and place. For your always growing to do list, use the Tasks section. We often think we are going to do something at a specific time, but if it is stuck on 'Sumday Isle' just put it in Tasks. (Sumday Isle is the overpopulated island with 'Some day I'll fix the dishwasher', 'Some day I'll clean the basement', etc.)

Outlook is also great because it is your email program. So if you are in there anyways reading joke emails, you can also see your stuff to do.

You can also modify the forms and fields in Outlook . I would not bother. There are several downsides to this. If you want to manage a large project or small business, you are better off creating a database in Microsoft Access or with a Web Application using PHP/MySQL or ASP or some other technology.


A. S. Perger