Mark E. Buckley

Business Consulting

This section contains several articles about managing your business.

The challenge for entrepreneurs is great. You must obtain new customers, grow your business, manage your employees and watch your bottom line.

There are a great many skills required to be an entrepreneur. Sometimes you can obtain these skills through study and experience. At other times you will rent these skills by hiring employees or outside vendors.

Although you may not need to be an expert on every topic, you should invest time in educating your self on the issues salient to your trade and industry.

Most of the articles in this section relate to productivity and quality. I've been involved with various projects including CRM - Customer Relationship Management, TQM - Total Quality Management, and CFT - Customer Focus Transformation. My involvement has included various roles including Team Leader, Team Facilitator, and Trainer.

The tools and strategies in these efforts are usually quite similar while the terms change slightly. (You need to rename everything every couple of years so you can sell more books and generate more consulting fees.)