Mark E. Buckley

Web Site Considerations

I need to address a topic that most people shy away from. The internet is plagued by the presence of a certain group of people. I do not mean to be a moralist or a bible thumper. But if you are considering having a web site for your business or even a personal web site, you must be aware of their presence.

Now there is a lot of debate about whether they are born this way or if they make an actual decision to pursue this lifestyle. I do not think it is really a choice. I think they are generally predisposed toward that lifestyle. Some people even consider joining their ranks. But if you are not equipped with the right personality or preferences or values you probably will not participate for long.

To tell the truth I have considered doing it once or twice when the opportunity arose. But I always talked myself out of it. I am sure every one has considered it a few times, particularly when they were young and wanted to experiment.

Now I do not have a problem with these people if they keep to themselves. They have a right to be who they are. I just do not want to be harassed or exposed to their point of view.

If you are going to do business on the internet, you must keep your own values in check. Unfortunately this group will often interfere with what you are trying to accomplish. You will try to research something and all of a sudden you will be redirected to a site with annoying if not obnoxious content. But they have their own goals just like you have yours.

So is there anything that can be done about them?

Of course you know I am talking about

Sales People.

Now I want to be clear. It might sound trite, but some of my best friends are Sales People. In fact my wife is a Sales Person. Of course I do not mind watching her do it. But I could not do it. I think it would make me sick.

Sure, it is fun to joke about them. They dress differently. They talk funny.

Anyways, if you decide to have a web site, you will get mail and email from these folks. Just ignore it. Do not get sucked in.

If you are surfing the net, just look away from those pop ups and annoying ads. Do not get sucked in.

I am glad that is off my chest. My apologies to the many Sales People I know that are ethical, honest, and hard working.