Mark E. Buckley

Advantages and Disadvantages of having a Web Site

There are advantages and disadvantages to having a web site. It is important to think beyond the traditional reasons and also important to focus on your particular business


A web site can save you time. Think through how you spend your day. How much time is spent sharing information with others. You could be talking to customers, writing to prospects, or meeting with employees. Often it seems you are repeating the same information day after day.

An effective way to save yourself time is to write down answers to the common questions you receive. You have gained a great deal of expertise in your profession. Get this knowledge down on paper.

Now review this information. Eliminate any items that are private, confidential, sensitive or competitive secrets. What remains is fodder for your web site.

Organizing and publishing this information will now pay great dividends. Think of all the time you could save by referring your new employees, potential prospects and existing customers to your web site. 'If you have any further questions about this topic, check out my web site, where I have explained it in great detail.'

Moreover this also saves time for those people as well. They do not have to wait till you are available. They have become more self-reliant and able to get the information themselves.

You may be concerned that by losing these points of contact you are diminishing your opportunities to sell your products or service.

In fact by showing the breadth of your knowledge you will be even more effective at selling your goods. Of course you will include your unique selling proposition throughout your site.


The disadvantages of having a web site include aspects of time, money, and information.

In the long run you will save yourself time by having a web site. However, in the short term you will need to invest time to get the site built.

Chances are that you do not have all the information about the internet and web design at your finger tips. The internet is a confusing place. This lack of good information and the abundance of bad information can make the web site building process difficult.

Finally there are the hard costs of having a web site. These include your domain registration, monthly hosting costs, and web design costs. If you are launching a complex interactive site or an ecommerce site then your outlays could be significant initially and continually.


Educate yourself about the potentials of having a web site. The more information you collect, the less your site will cost you in your time and your money.

Think through your specific business needs. How specifically could you help your customers. Do not allow anyone to product dump a specific boiler plate on you. Buy the site that will help you. Do not buy any 'extras' that inflate the cost but do not benefit your business.