Mark E. Buckley

When to Advertise

Some of your advertising will be consistent throughout the year. Examples would include your phone book advertisement or your web site.

Other types of advertising allow you to decide when to place them. Examples would be newspaper classified ads and newspaper display ads.

If your business is seasonal you obviously want to place your advertising around the time that prospects would be looking for your goods and services. Toy stores would start advertising in October, while Landscapers would start advertising in February.

Businesses often claim they can't advertise at this time because they are so busy. They simply cannot handle any additional business. This might be true, but try to keep track of how your business fluctuates throught the year. If you tend to be slow during the fall, try to start advertising in the summer. This might seem problemmatic at first since the summer might be your busiest time of the year. But the objective is to keep every month of the year, a busy part of the year.

There is a long term trend in advertising for which months are the most effective and which are the least.

The most effective months to advertise are January, February and March.

The moderatley effective months are September, October and November.

The ineffective months are April, May, June, July, and August.

The worst month is December

Keep in mind that this will be quite different for certain businesses and certain products.