Mark E. Buckley

Total Quality Management

TQM is a set of tools to assist companies in making their operations more efficent and their product delivery more effective. TQM is related to several other popular trends that have come and gone over the years. Some of these models focussed on improving the management of the organization such as MBO and Matrix Management. Other models have sought to increase the amount of knowledge the organization has about its customers. Some of these efforts include Data Mining, CRM, Customer Focus, etc. There have been other models that focussed on improving the effectiveness of employees and creating better supervisor - subordinante relationships. These involved different personality mapping and two want review procedures. Other models really focussed on improving the sales process through a more progressive approach. These efforts included needs based selling and relationship selling.

TQM sits in the middle of these other efforts. Yes you need to understand the needs of the customer. In fact that is often the critical first step in TQM. Yes you need to be able to market and sell your products. And of course you need to have a motivated work force with a 'Gung Ho' attitude.

TQM tools can be implemented to assist in putting together your web site.