Mark E. Buckley

Pricing Per Page

The cost of your site depends on the site's

  • Number of HTML Pages
  • Number of Images, PDF, JPEG, GIF
  • Amount of Scripting

HTML Pages

These are the basic pages you see on web sites. You might have pages such as Home, History , About Us, Products, Services, Resume, Testimonials, Directions, etc.


The graphics and pictures on your site can be in several formats. If you provide them to us in a digital format via email or CD, the number of pictures should not add to the cost of your site. If you need us to scan photos, then we would charge $20 per scan. If you have a lot of photographs, perhaps for a photo galllery or products page, then we will need to charge $20 per photo.


Most web pages do not require any scripting, i.e. programming. However you might wish to add a page that requires some programming. We will quote this based on $50 per hour.

Common pages that require script would be a(n)

  • Guest Book
  • Feedback Form
  • Estimate or Quote Form
  • Blog
  • Discussion Board