Mark E. Buckley

The Estimate

Our estimate will indicate all we will do and of course all we will not do. If you agree to what is outlined we require 50% to begin working on your project.

Competitor Quotes

We will meet any competitor quote. We believe our estimate will be slightly below average. We are a small firm with no debt, no employees, and very little overhead. Also we do not sub out any work.

Lowest Quote

Are we the absolutely cheapest designers around? I certainly hope not.

Changes to Estimate.

If the work takes longer than expected, then shame on us. Then we are working for free because we were not smart enough to quote correctly. However if additional work is due to your change of heart, then we will need to have a heart to heart about the additional time and expense involved.

Fool me once, shame on you and I won't get fooled again. Or something like that.